Terra Formars Review

(Warning: may contain some spoilers)


Cockroaches are sent to Mars as part of a plan to make Mars habitable. 500 years later, the cockroaches have mutated into humanoid cockroaches. At human size, the cockroaches retain most of their original traits, but enhanced from their mutated growth. With their massively increased physical strength, they have no problems defending their new home planet.

The show introduces the viewer to the concept of Martian cockroaches by giving the example of finding a cockroach in your kitchen or bathroom. You kill it without a second thought, without even giving any thought as to why. And on Mars, the roles are reversed.


Earth doesn’t give up on Mars however, they develop humans with superpowers using surgery and send them to exterminate the roaches. The powers are based on abilities from animals, mainly insects. To activate the powers effects, a form of medication is required. The medication is administered by syringe, pill or in powdered form and allows them to fight in their enhanced state for a limited amount of time.

I ended up enjoying this show more than i thought i would. The show doesn’t introduce most of the characters initially. When the characters are first shown in combat, the narrator explains what animal their powers are based off, as well as a short flashback showing them before they went through the procedure. I found it hard to like most of the characters, mostly because of the limited information given about them. It doesn’t help that the character often gets killed right after they get introduced.

Most of the powers are overpowered, with the user killing hundreds of cockroaches with ease. However, the sheer number of cockroaches is huge, and there are a few cockroaches with varied traits or physical strength more powerful than regular cockroaches. There are some scenes where it seems the cockroaches aren’t taking advantage of humans not paying attention. If they can supposedly move at over 300km/h using acceleration from the first step surely they would take advantage of someone turning their head to talk to someone behind them.


The show ends after 13 episodes with the crew having spent only 1 day on Mars, with 39 days until rescue/reinforcements that may or may not be coming.

The first 1-2 episodes aren’t very good in my opinion, I found it hard to stay interested in anything that was happening. After that the show picks up and becomes more interesting to watch. Disregarding the fact I didn’t really get attached to any of the characters, the action and pacing made the show fairly easy to watch and enjoy.

Terra Formars is far from being one of the best shows from this season. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they were looking for an action show with gore. And it wouldn’t be the first show I’d recommend in that department unless they were particularly looking for something specific, for example giant bugs.

In conclusion I think Terra Formars does a good job of being a prologue considering pretty much the only thing that happens is the expedition’s first day on Mars. I haven’t read the manga and depending on how much content it has after the anime ends it could be worth reading. I would probably watch a second season, but I think the show is nothing special, and not particularly memorable.

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