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So I ended up finishing quite a few anime series while I’ve been inactive on my blog over the last few weeks so I decided I’d share my thoughts on some of them.


With the new season airing next season, I figured it was time for me to finally catch up. I wasn’t planning to marathon the show, but around episode 60 I got really into it and watched the rest of the episodes in just over a week.

The best part about Gintama is the characters. It is rare for me to like the majority of the characters from any show, usually a few characters will carry a show for me, or the characters I don’t like ruin my experience of what would otherwise be a good show. Disliking characters irrationally is a bad habit that I’m trying to break. Gintama is one of the shows where I like almost every character.


Almost all of Gintama’s characters are 1-dimensional when the show isn’t in its serious parts. Each of the characters has a few characteristics which are frequently used as a basis for interaction with other characters and for the show’s humor. During serious episodes or arcs, there is more depth to all the characters involved. When the show goes back to the less serious episodes, the characters snap back to their usual setting. (I don’t mean to say that the characters are bad when I say they are 1-dimensional.)

Anyway, great show. Takes a little while to get going, but after all the characters are established it picks up and becomes a really enjoyable show to watch. My only issue is that occasionally the humor goes too far.


Another show I watched because of an upcoming sequel. I’d seen Servant x Service so I knew what to expect. I found with both shows, the characters were interesting and interacted with each other in the workplace in a way that makes the idea of having a job actually sound like fun. Of course you don’t really see them actually working most of the time, but I’m sure working with a group of people you get along with would be fun, just getting into that situation would be unlikely.


Black Lagoon

I initially didn’t think much of Black Lagoon when I started watching it. The first season was ok, but nothing really amazing. The second season however, was really good. It started off the same as the first season, same characters with the same attitudes, with some over-the-top action thrown in.

The last arc of the second season is where the show gets good, those last 6 episodes were great. I guess everything was setting up towards it so I cant really recommend people to skip the first 18 episodes because it wouldn’t have the same effect. If anyone watches this show and doesn’t feel convinced I’d recommend sticking it out until those last few episodes of The Second Barrage.

The Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA episodes are also pretty good, a nice continuation to the conclusion of the main series.

black lagoon

Amagami SS

I’m not really sure what to think of this overall, some parts were really good, while other parts were quite weak and lacked impact.

Interesting format, with each girls arc being separate from each other. Unfortunately it came across as quite jarring when the main character somehow had a friends relationship with girls from previous arcs for no apparent reason, as if each arc was separate from each other rather than starting at the same point. I think they could have avoided this by adapting more of the common route during the first arc.

Second season was pretty much exactly the same as the first season, except each character’s arcs were shorter. Enjoyable overall.


Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai

Akagi started off decently. I got used to the art-style faster than I thought I would. The mahjong games were a nice refresh of everything about mahjong that I picked up from Saki, was also interesting to see some gambling tricks and ways to cheat.


First half was pretty good. I didn’t enjoy the second half as much, probably because the game dragged on far longer than it needed to. Unfortunately with these types of shows the explanations can be explained way more detailed than they need to be, which got annoying in some parts. The ending wasn’t very satisfying so I might check out the manga someday. It had its share of problems, but I enjoyed it enough to want more. I plan to watch Kaiji soon which I hope will be good.

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  1. Hello!! :) I have nominated you for the Liebster award because I feel that you write well! :)

    Here’s my post for reference on what to do if you choose to accept it:


  2. JimmyLikesRatPoison

    Funny, I feel the opposite about Black Lagoon; I love the first season, detest the second. Enjoyed your reviews, though. Been thinking about picking up Gintama. What did you mean by “the humor goes too far”, though?


    • I’d recommend picking up Gintama, if you have a lot of free time you can try finish it before the new season airs in a few weeks. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth trying.

      When I say the humor goes too far, I mean there’s a decent number of times where the humor actually made me cringe. To use one of the more extreme example, there’s an episode where over half of the jokes are about a dead man’s erection. There is also a lot of jokes involving poo, which aren’t really cringe worthy, just gross.

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