Visual novel review: Koihime † Musou


Koihime † Musou ~Doki ☆ Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~ is a visual novel set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.


Kazuto is the protagonist of Koihime Musou, after a confrontation with a stranger late at night, he finds himself in the time of the three kingdoms. He soon gets mistaken to be a messenger from heaven, who is said to be capable of bringing peace to China. Kazuto accepts this role, and does his best to do what is expected of him.


Koihime Musou has a sizable cast of characters, with over 20 heroines involved in h-scenes. After each section of the main story, a section called the Home Base Phase occurs where you can choose which character events are shown.


You get to choose to see up to two events from the main three heroines, and up to three events from the other characters. While this doesn’t actually change the story in any way, it helps that you can choose the events for the characters that interest you more.

The voice actors do an excellent job on all the characters, most of the characters are funny or interesting which helps since most of the game is character events rather than story.


The battles in Koihime Musou are in the form of a mini-game, where you choose the troop composition, formation and attack type to defeat the enemy. It isn’t a very good system, but fortunately it isn’t very difficult, and if you fail you get to retry with an increased amount of troops.


It can get frustrating if you find out you guessed incorrectly on how to win the battle and will end up losing, but spam clicking to lose as fast as possible so you can try again isn’t too much effort.

H scenes

Koihime Musou has more h-scenes than most visual novels I’ve played before, there are 3-5 sex scenes for most of the characters. There wasn’t really anything wrong with any of them that I can remember, except for maybe a few sex scenes dragged out longer than they needed to. It helps that there are a wide range of heroines so there is likely something that would appeal to everyone. Although there are certain scenes where a girl spontaneously grows a penis, which was rather weird.

Overall impressions

I thought it was an interesting game for the most part, there was more sexual content than I’d usually prefer but the varied characters keeps the story interesting throughout. I’d probably recommend the game to people who want a visual novel with more sexual content than usual but still want a decent story. I also thought some of the ideas presented near the end relating to literature and fan-fictions were pretty interesting.


  • Lots of characters
  • Good voice acting
  • Hikaru voicing a villain character was cool
  • Characters based on real people
  • Satisfying ending


  • Story was weak in places
  • I didn’t like how the loli heroine was handled
  • Annoying battle system


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  1. I am a fan of Command and Conquer type of game so hearing you say “you can choose the troop composition” thingy made me excited. But then you said we can retry with an increased amount of troops if we fail. That is a total let down honestly. Haha, I’m just expecting too much from a visual novel.


    • Trust me, the mini-game thing isn’t worth it at all. If having increased troops will get me through it faster I won’t complain. Here’s a clip of one of the battles: youtube video

      If by Command and Conquer type games you mean real time strategy games then yeah I don’t think think you’ll find much. There is a tag on vndb for visual novels including real time strategy elements but there’s less than 30 titles. I doubt very many are good and even less would be translated.

      But remember I haven’t actually played much visual novels with gameplay so I’m not the best person for information. I know there’s a few visual novels with rpg gameplay that are meant to be pretty good though.

      Are visual novels with gameplay something you’d be interested in? or would you rather just leave that for other games?


      • That battle is very… lame. Also, the formation relationship is that basic ‘this formation has more advantage toward that formation’ which is… Well, it is a visual novel after all. Not some highly graphic realistic games.

        Yes, I am more interested in visual novels with gameplay and if the gameplay have anything to do with (realistic) war strategy, that would be great. For now, I prefer games… that actually have good story in it.

        Maybe I’ll try watching the let’s play-like videos of visual novels that has real time strategy you linked (that is if someone actually made some videos). If it interest me, I’ll probably play it.

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  2. Koihime Musou was a miss for me, despite the many hours i’ve spent playing the Dynasty Warriors games over the years. I found the plot to be bland and mostly focused on H-scenes while the gameplay was absolutely horrid (I mean…the enemies only ever swapped between the same two formations, so once you had that figured out all you had to do was sit through the battle).

    The gender bender concept was an interesting one, though it could have been used better in my opinion.


    • Yeah this is pretty much how I feel about it too. The plot itself was disappointing, I was hoping it would go somewhere but it never did anything until the end. I did like the ending though. I’ll probably play the sequels if they ever have completed translations but I’m not going to be expecting much.


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