Summer 2015: End of season impressions

cc002This post isn’t going to cover every show I watched, just the shows I feel like talking about.


I never thought I would end up liking this show so much. While watching the first two episodes as they aired, I found Classroom Crisis to be the most boring out of pretty much every new show that I was watching. The episodes piled up, and by the end of the season I was left with a bunch of episodes to marathon.

By the time I finished watching Classroom Crisis, it had become one of my favourite shows from the season. Although there were a lot of characters I didn’t really care for, the interactions between the characters I did care about, as well as the general pacing of the episodes (after episode 2 anyway) kept me always wanting to watch another episode. The series ending up heading in a direction I didn’t really expect, but I really enjoyed the latter half of Classroom Crisis, and I personally was really happy with the conclusion.

If you dropped this show early due to lack of interest, it might be worth checking out a few more episodes to see if it is worth finishing.

Arslan Senki

(While technically not a Summer 2015 anime, it did finish airing during the season so I’m counting it.)

A story written by the author of Legend of the Galactic Heroes (which I haven’t actually seen yet, but I always hear good things about it), and with character designs by the guy who wrote Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is a rare show where I practically like every main character in the series, which definitely boosted my enjoyment of the show. What really stood out for me about this show was the large scale battles, the strategies used were never boring, and the actual fighting by the veteran soldiers always looked good. The cg during battles was also really impressive. Normally I wouldn’t really praise cg and just deal with it, but in Arslan Senki I really thought it was well done.

There were a few more shows I was going to write about but I got bored. (Most of the other shows didn’t really stand out anyway). Although this is a short post, if it causes anybody to watch one of these shows (and enjoy it), then I would consider that a good thing.

I’ll write another post soon (probably). I have plenty of visual novel reviews that I can get to when i can find time.

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  1. Hey! I’m glad you’re back!!

    I’ve heard so many good things about classroom Crisis especially the latter part of the series so I think I’m going to try that out pretty soon.

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  2. I was reading a random anime magazine one day and it mentioned Arslan Senki a lot, lol. Gonna have to check it out one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

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