Visual novel review: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate


The English patch for Koichoco got released a week ago, and since I felt like writing about it, I decided to write a review now rather than waiting until I got through my review backlog.

Koichoco’s full title is Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Love, Elections and Chocolate)which really does describe the game well. The game starts with a group of friends who do nothing but eat snacks and do nothing productive in their club. When information about the upcoming elections for the new student council president is revealed, they discover their club will likely get disbanded. The protagonist is then partially forced to run for president himself to save the club.

The game starts off well, with a panty shot of best girl as the first cg, literally seconds in.0499

(Well, she probably isn’t best girl, but she was probably my favourite until at least the end of the first route.) It didn’t take too long for me to stop enjoying it though, the further I read into the common route and Chisato’s route, the less I enjoyed the game.

Chisato is the protagonist’s next door neighbor/childhood friend. You are forced to read her route first, which unfortunately for me, was the route I disliked. It probably isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be, but I honestly didn’t like it at all and was thinking I’d probably give the game a 4/10 while reading it. It also ended in a very dumb way in my opinion, with the main problem during the climax being resolved in an unrealistic and dangerous way.

After you’ve finished reading Chisato’s route, you can pick from any of the remaining heroines, and complete their routes in whatever order you want. I went for Mifuyu’s route next, and was very surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had been expecting not to enjoy the rest of the game, especially as I didn’t really care for the election aspect much. I also had been aiming for Mifuyu’s route as I had had her pegged as worst girl and wanted to get it over and done with. But her route ended up being probably my favourite route in the game.

This trend continued, and by the end it turned out that I enjoyed every single route except for the first one. It turned out that I even had to retract my statements about the first route being bad, as it somehow managed to influence ever other route in a positive way.

The music in Koichoco is decent. I think the BGM in general is pretty average/forgettable but the songs with vocals are cool, there is like a different song for each ending and songs play during some of the important scenes.

Overall Impressions

Pretty good story (aside from the first route) with likable heroines (except for Chisato). Pacing during the character routes was probably decent since I never felt like taking a break during any of them.

For people wondering what route order to go with just go with whatever you feel like, it honestly doesn’t matter but I’d recommend doing Michiru’s route last.

Anyway, Koichoco is far from a masterpiece, but I enjoyed reading it. I’ll probably get to the anime eventually and I’ll be reading Aokana (sprite’s other game which coincidentally has an anime airing next season) when the translation patch is released.


  • The first route somehow managed to have a positive influence on literally every other route.
  • Character routes (except Chisato’s) were interesting and engaging.
  • The election aspect ended up being somewhat interesting despite me having no interest in it at the end of Chisato’s route.


  • Uninteresting first playthrough.
  • When serious stuff starts happening it can come across as pretty unrealistic and dumb.


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  1. Man that was quick! I’m still making incredibly slow progress through Clannad alongside work and moving house.

    I’m glad to hear that you ended up enjoying it and will be interested to see how this will stand against the other ratings we’ve both given. Unrealistic drama in a realistic setting sounds pretty bad, though, so time will tell.


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