12 Days of Visual Novel Reviews – Day 5: Killer Queen


Killer Queen is a short visual novel about a death game. 13 players wake up with a collar around their neck and if they don’t follow the rules of the game the collar will execute them.

So when I first went to read Killer Queen the first thing I did was check who wrote it and if there was anything else that he had done that I had read before. Sure enough there was a visual novel I recognised, apparently he had written the short extra scenario in Kagetsu Tooya. Since the scenario in question was actually fairly decent I went into the game with decent expectations and decided to marathon the whole thing since vndb lists it as 2-10 hours long.

Unfortunately Killer Queen didn’t really live up to my expectations at all. I ended up having quite a few issues with the game, the first of which being the artstyle, which ended up looking very awkward at times. I mean I probably shouldn’t be surprised since it is a doujin game, but oh well, at least the game was voiced unlike many doujin games


Anyway there are 2 scenarios in Killer Queen. I don’t believe either had any choices iirc so you just have to sit down and enjoy the ride. Honestly this game takes longer than 10 hours to read so it probably should be listed on vndb as 10-30 hours. (At least i think it took me over 15 hours to read and I even remember consciously speeding up my reading speed during the first scenario because I just wanted to finish reading it quicker.) I guess it doesn’t really matter though because 15 hours is still relatively short for a visual novel so 2-10 hours does get the point across.

When the credits started rolling for the end of the the first part I let out a sign of relief thinking that it was over, I opened up vndb in my web browser and marked the game as completed and gave it a score of 3/10. I then looked back to the game window which read: ‘part 2 unlocked, select from main menu’. As you can imagine I wasn’t very impressed when I realised I had to spend another possibly double the amount of time on this game before sleeping since I had already entered the completion date on vndb. After heating up some food from the fridge I begrudgingly started the second part.

The second part actually manages to be halfway decent, it had the advantage of all the the rules of the game having been revealed to the reader already so it could get right into the story. It was a pleasant surprise to an otherwise unpleasant experience and it managed to convince me to change the score to a 4/10.

Overall Impressions

Anyway sorry for making the whole post a rant, but I guess it makes it really easy to tell I didn’t really like the game much. It wasn’t a complete waste of time, as it did at least it did pick up a bit during the second part.

As far as recommendations go, I wouldn’t really recommend Killer Queen to anyone unless they were specifically looking for a battle royale story. If that is what you are looking for, give it a shot since at the very least, it isn’t a very long game so you aren’t committed to much even if you don’t like it.


  • Second scenario managed to somewhat grab my interest again which somehow hadn’t completely been lost.
  • Had a few half decent ideas (but unfortunately they weren’t executed as well as they could have been).


  • Overall a bland story with mostly poor execution.
  • Not so great art.

I also noticed that there is a remake of Killer Queen called Secret Game, as well as a few other games with a similar setting. Secret Game actually adds character routes for some of the female characters in Killer Queen. Despite giving the visual novel such a low score I would probably read Secret Game if anyone translated it since it would be interesting to see the changes from its doujin predecessor. (And thankfully it seems the artist has improved quite a bit so that would make it more bearable.)


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