12 Days of Visual Novel Reviews – Day 7: One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~


One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ was the next visual novel after Moon. that was developed by the people who would later form Key. This time the content is more in line with what you would expect from them.

For some reason a protagonist disappearing with everyone else losing their memories of him is a theme that seems to come up in visual novels more times than it probably should. One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~‘s protagonist is Orihara Kouhei, a boy who will one day disappear to a place he calls the Eternal World.

Unfortunately One doesn’t manage to pull it off anywhere near as well as other examples have done. It also doesn’t help that it is practically the only thing which the story even tries to do. Every single route follows the same structure, with Kouhei starting to date the girl, then she starts forgetting about him before he eventually disappears.

I think I’ll cut this review short since honestly it isn’t very good and I don’t really have anything else to say about it (Mostly because I’ve almost completely forgotten everything about it). Anyway it didn’t manage to keep me interested at all, unlike Moon. so for me this was the worse one out of the two titles.


  • It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played I guess.


  • Every route is exactly the same.
  • The Eternal World isn’t really explained at all.
  • Bland setting and plot.
  • Characters aren’t that great either.
  • Not so good art.

For anime adaptions there are a two different ova series, a 4 episode all-ages series and a 3 episode hentai adaption. The all-ages ovas honestly made no sense at all, even with information from the source material.

As for the hentai ovas, they were much better. It followed the source material closer and actually managed to make sense. (Keep in mind that although they technically they are hentai, there is only a scene less than a minute long at the very end of each episode.) It’s still based off something bad so is it really isn’t good either, but it’s still a much better watch than the other ova series.


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  1. The review might be short but it made me laugh.

    “Positives: It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever played I guess.”

    And fancy the hentai OVA being better than the VN…that’s comedy gold XD


  2. Hi, you right The Eternal World is not explained, but I would like to add that this work is like a pre-Clannad, I mean, the mysterious girl in The Eternal World uses the same clothes and has a similar appearance like the mysterious girl is Clannad and both male main protagonist dreams with another world.


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