12 Days of Visual Novel Reviews – Day 8: Da Capo


D.C. Da Capo

Da Capo is another visual novel I started reading without knowing anything about it. (I seem to do this a lot and should probably stop it soon.)

It might be interesting to note that Da Capo is set in a middle school. As far as visual novels that I have heard of go, the Da Capo series is the only one that has done this. The protagonist is a third year, and he graduates around the time he enters one of the heroine routes.

I’m going to be completely honest here, I don’t think that Da Capo is very good. With the character routes, I thought that although a few of them could have been decent, they never quite managed to deliver the emotional impact they needed.

I also thought that the game didn’t manage to allocate time to each heroine properly, a few of the less important heroines had much smaller routes than the main heroines. And it really didn’t help my enjoyment that I couldn’t really take the two main characters seriously at all, especially with their routes having a the exact same dumb story except for being on different sides.

One of the reasons that I think kept Da Capo from succeeding for me was the large amount of writers. I think Circus does this a lot because almost every game from them that I’ve looked at staff for seems to have way more writers than there needs to be.

D.C. Da Capo

What also didn’t help was that MangaGamer never translated the most recent version of the game,  which includes 5 new routes iirc. I mean I don’t blame them as I don’t believe it was amazingly popular or anything, but it would have been nice considering that most of the new heroines look way more interesting than any of the current ones. I do plan to read the extra routes in Japanese when I can be bothered for completions sake (I currently have in as on-hold on vndb and don’t want to set it as completed until I finish the newer routes), but as I didn’t like it much I don’t know when I will be able to find the motivation to do that.

Overall Impressions

Da Capo managed to not be terrible, but none of the content managed to stand out to me so I would find it hard to recommend to anyone. (I managed to find the second game slightly better however, and will write about it in a future review.)


  • Decent number of heroines, even without counting the extra ones from the release I didn’t play.
  • Miharu and Kotori’s routes were alright I guess? (And Mako’s, but hers was really short.)


  • The plot didn’t quite manage to succeed in what it tried to do.
  • The tension between the two main girls made it so that I liked neither of them.
  • Worst girl managed to be the main character’s canon partner for future games.
  • To many writers and the writing/pacing was noticeably sloppy at times.
  • MangaGamer didn’t translate the newer version :(

Kotori Love Ex P

Just like with my Sharin no Kuni review, I’m going to write about the Da Capo fandisc here as I don’t have enough to write about it for it to have its own post.

Circus really seems to like milking the Da Capo franchise as much as they can. If you take a look at the relations from the vndb page you can see just how many different games link to the first Da Capo alone.

But anyway, Kotori Love Ex P is just a compilation of all of the content from a single character. It takes Kotori’s route out of every fandisc as well as her route from the main game and puts them all into one release. In any case, its a cool idea and I think its the best choice MangaGamer could have made for translating a Da Capo fandisc.

Kotori was one of the better heroines, so she was a good choice for the fandisc. If you liked the original game, you can’t go wrong with playing this fandisc. After all, even I managed to quite enjoy parts of it and I didn’t even like Da Capo.

It’s also worth noting that the common route in this fandisc is from the version of Da Capo with the added heroines, so it was nice to be able to see what they were like.

D.C. Da CapoD.C. Da Capo

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether to play Da Capo for a long time so I think this review has finally sealed its fate. I’m wary of old VNs because writing styles have definitely changed over time and venturing back into the dark depths of the past has been pretty risky in my experience. It’s a shame, though, since the franchise has so man entries.


    • Yeah I was quite disappointed all things considered. I went and watched all the anime versions after I finished Da Capo 2 and they ended up disappointing me for completely different reasons. Some things got reduced to running gags that weren’t funny at all and well over half of the episodes had filler content (which was also not very good). It’s a shame that this is a trend that a lot of older anime series seem to have in common, especially since the anime actually managed to do the endings to each season quite well.

      Both seasons of the first Da Capo were really good during the important parts (like 3-5 episodes at the end of each 26 episode season). It really did help though that the new voice actor for Sakura (from the all-ages console release) did an exceptional job, but it was overall ruined by all the unnecessary stuff.

      Then both seasons of Da Capo 2 managed to be much better because they were much more focused, but I couldn’t manage to bring myself to like the the character designs, especially their expressions. Da Capo 2 second season was the best out of anything so far since it actually followed a half-competent story.

      Da Capo 3 I actually liked it much more than the first two and I’m actually somewhat excited to read the visual novel when it is finished being translated. (But then it might be partly because of the contrast between it and everything else.) It’s still probably won’t be that great but I still am interested to see how it goes.

      …But yeah, it doesn’t really help that my favourite thing to come out of the franchise is a 2 episode mahou shoujo spinoff ova called Time Paladin Sakura rather than any of the actual main entries of the franchise.

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