End of Hiatus…


So it turns out that I haven’t posted anything for around 6 months. My hiatus wasn’t exactly planned; but now that I’m back I decided that I might as well write a post explaining what happened, what I was doing during that time, and what my plans are from now on.

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What happened:

Basically the reason I stopped blogging for a while was because at the end of last year my hard drive finally completely stopped working. It had been having trouble for a while but it finally got to the point where it was simply unusable. Of course solving the problem would have been as simple as replacing the hard drive and copying over my backup files. But because I wanted to upgrade everything it took me much longer to get around to organising everything.

What I was doing:

So the main downside to not having a working computer was being unable to read any visual novels. Which may sound like not that bad of an idea but since I’d recently been using untranslated visual novels for practicing reading Japanese it meant I wasn’t able to make much progress during that time. (And also I really like visual novels it wasn’t exactly my preferred outcome.)

I ended up spending a lot of time on watching anime. (Although I decided at the time that I wasn’t going to keep up with currently airing anime as it would be more difficult to keep track of without a computer.) My brother ended up lending me his ps4 for watching anime on the condition that I started watching Detective Conan, which since I had nothing better to do I accepted. What he didn’t expect was that I would end up getting to the point where I was hundreds of episodes ahead of him. This development was something I also hadn’t planned for since I started off only watching ~10 episodes a day inbetween reading light novels, but it got to the point where it was really interesting and I ended up marathoning the remaining episodes over the following 3 weeks.

My unexpected enjoyment of Detective Conan aside, I also watched a bunch of older shows that either I had been putting off for a while or stuff which I randomly picked up on a whim. Some of them were really terrible (well most of the bad stuff was only 1 cour so it was fine) but some of the other stuff ended up being surprisingly more enjoyable than I expected, one of these shows was Gundam.

After watching the first half of Gundam: IBO I got slightly interested in the franchise so as I had nothing to do except watch anime I started right from the start and watched practically everything up until Gundam Seed. To be honest I really wasn’t expecting much. I thought most of it would be rather dated and hard to watch, and to some extend I was right. Putting aside the visual and audio quality aside, almost every Gundam series had series pacing issues and would most likely been much better if it had tried to tell the same story in half the amount of episodes. The characters were also hit and miss for me, but somehow almost every series had at least something which I enjoyed enough for it to be worth watching. And even if I hadn’t enjoyed any of them, it would have all been worth it to watch Gundam Unicorn, which was amazing (The ova series. Since I have yet to watch the currently airing Gundam Unicorn I have no idea whether it actually has anything new or if it is simply the ova series cut into 25 minute blocks for a tv re-airing).

Current Plans:

Anime – I’m slowly working my way though the past 6 months of currently airing anime. Surprisingly the current season seems to be full of shows which make me want to watch more. (This means nothing because I think this every season, but compared to the previous season it really stood out to me.) Regardless of if I still think that by the time I finish all of them or not, I really am enjoying Re:Zero at the moment.

Visual novels – I’ve finished most of what I want to read which has English translations, so from now on I’ll be mainly reading stuff in Japanese except for when new translations come out (It’s much faster to read in English).

Blog – Well I’d like to try out some new things about reviewing anime, but that depends entirely on whether there is anything I feel like writing about (maybe I’ll write about Re:Zero when it ends). And as for visual novel reviews, I give up on my backlog so from now on I’ll probably only review stuff I’ve recently finished playing. If anyone wants my thoughts on anything asking me on either twitter or ask.fm, or commenting on the blog should get a response from me.

So yeah, I’m back, posting should be rather irregular for a while but I’ll see how things go.

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  1. Ahh, good to have you back! I’d really like to see you write about Re:Zero :)

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  2. Sorry to hear about your hard drive! It’s a real pain when that kind of thing happens, but it’s good to see you’re back.

    I feel your pain when it comes to how slow reading untranslated VNs is. I’ve been slowly trudging through Kira Kira for ages now because I find it difficult to read more than a small about at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

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