Visual Novel: Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de


Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de is the 2nd visual novel I completely finished reading in Japanese. (Not the 2nd I started, there are a few other visual novels I have made decent amounts of progress in but have been pushed back on my priorities list due to me losing interest.)

Because my Japanese is far from perfect, most of the visual novels I’ve picked up so far have been stuff I don’t particularly care that much if I miss stuff due to poor comprehension skills. The main reason I started this visual novel was simply because I didn’t mind the anime.

KimiAru was the first visual novel released by the company Minato Soft, better known for the Majikoi series. Although there is one other scenario writer credited to this visual novel other than Takahiro, I’m just going to assume Takahiro wrote everything since I have no idea who the other guy is.

Anyway, as far as my experience goes, the best thing about Takahiro as a writer is he is good at having a group of characters that really get along well, usually complemented by decent comedy in the interactions between those same characters. For example Majikoi is about a close group of friends which seem like they would be a lot of fun to be around. The Akame ga Kill manga is the same, if you ignore the fact that everyone keeps dying, their group really was portrayed well. (Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru as well, except as I didn’t like it much I don’t remember that well so I’m not 100% sure.)

KimiAru is the same, it’s about three rich sisters who live with their servants and everybody in the house gets along really well. Although compared to Majikoi nothing is based on fighting so the comedy is much more important as it can’t just fall back on the plot to keep interest. (That isn’t to say Majikoi isn’t good at comedy or Kimiaru doesn’t have any plot either.)

Another thing I’ve found with Takahiro is that he always manages to write satisfying endings at the end of character routes, which is really good for me because I often really enjoy common routes of visual novels and then when it gets to the actual character routes I just get really disappointed (well that makes sense, as the common route does seem like the easiest thing to write in a visual novel).

Overall Impressions

Despite only being released 2 years earlier than Majikoi, KimiAru doesn’t look anywhere near as good, in practically all aspects. Of course this isn’t especially surprising, as Majikoi is very clearly a much more ambitious project.

Like I mentioned earlier, Takahiro once again manages to create a story in which I wouldn’t mind living in myself, which helps make it much more enjoyable to read. But overall, I’d say that KimiAru is average work, it isn’t ambitious, it doesn’t do anything spectacular, but it doesn’t fail at anything either.

I wouldn’t really recommend reading KimiAru to anyone unless you somehow have to read everything by Takahiro. It isn’t bad, I enjoyed it, but I think you get just as much out of just watching the anime. The anime covers the important stuff from all the routes and even has some extra stuff.


  • Creates a fun atmosphere and has decent comedy.
  • Has satisfying endings.


  • Relatively dated art/system.
  • Anime is just better overall tbh.


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