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So I’ve slowly been catching up on anime and now that I’ve finished watching most of the shows from winter 2016 I figured I should probably write something about them. It will give me something anime-related to write about before I get to my Re:Zero post anyway.

I watched most shows, but I’ll only talk about a few that I feel like writing about. Not sure if anyone cares about shows from 2 seasons ago anymore, but maybe I’ll be able to get people interested in something that went under their radar.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

A year ago we got Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata which was originally a light novel written by visual novel scenario writer Maruto Fumiaki. This year we get Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya o Mezasu, another anime about a group of amateurs trying to make a visual novel. Although this time written by Tanaka Romeo, (also a visual novel scenario writer), but this time the source material was a visual novel instead of a light novel.

As you can probably imagine, both Maruto and Romeo know quite a bit about what it is like to write a visual novel (since it’s their actual job), so that extra knowledge and experience does help make the shows more realistic. And since I like visual novels (not to mention I also like both writers), these shows were definitely shows I was going to watch.

Unfortunately, Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya o Mezasu wasn’t anywhere near as good/interesting as Saekano. Like it wasn’t bad — I still enjoyed it, but the characters felt like they were lacking something, and the story itself wasn’t really able to grab me. I did like learning more about what it takes to create a visual novel though. I already had an idea of what all the positions of staff have to do, but finding out more information about the actual processes behind it was good.

Anyway, I do like Romeo’s actual writing so I will check out the visual novel. (iirc the anime only covers the first half of the story anyway, so I need to find out what happens next.) But I’m in no hurry since if I’m in the mood to read Romeo’s writing then there is plenty of other stuff by him that is a higher priority.

If you like visual novels, or the idea of a group of people working together to create something, then this show is worth checking out (assuming you have already seen Saekano. If you haven’t then that should take priority.) But otherwise it probably wont be worth it.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

People seem to dismiss a lot of shows that they put under the label of light novel adaptions, especially fantasy light novel adaptions. I may not be the best person to take the word of since that type of show is one of the first things I look out for each season, but this show really is worth checking out.

The main character ends up getting into an accident on his way home one day and gets reincarnated into a fantasygame-like world with the goal of defeating the demon king. At first he is rather excited about living as the main character in a ‘game’, but he soon finds out how hand it really is. Despite becoming an adventurer, at the start of the show he has to spend all his time doing jobs around the town to gain money to survive.

The best part about this show is the comedy. The rest of the main character’s party are completely useless, the best example being an archwizard who refuses to learn any other spell except for explosion magic (which she can only use once a day because she collapses after a single use).

I recommend everyone at least try this show (it is only 10 episodes long which makes it easier), doubly so if you like either fantasy shows or game-based anime. I definitely enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the second season which was announced.

Koukaku no Pandora

I thought I should mention this show because I imagine a lot of people dismissed it straight away due to only being a fanservice show. I know that’s what I assumed it would be about, especially since my only knowledge from the show was from screenshots similar to these:


That isn’t to say that fanservice shows don’t have their merits, plenty of them are really good. But what I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t even classify Koukaku no Pandora as a fanservice show at all. Sure it was filled with plenty of sexual innuendos, but for me personally it just wasn’t that kind of show.

What I didn’t realise until after I finished the show and was checking the staff on mal to see who I could credit for the reasons I ended up enjoying the show so much was that the person who originally wrote Koukaku no Pandora was the author of Ghost in the Shell. Which really does explain a lot. While its obvious that Koukaku no Pandora is much more lighthearted and is more focused on comedy, you can see that it has many similar themes such as the boundarys/merging of human and machine.

Overall, Koukaku no Pandora really did impress me. With each episode being paced perfectly keeping me interested the whole time, the comedy being funny and the characters interacting with each other being both endearing and hilarious, as well as the visual aesthetics consistently being excellent (I think this can mainly be credited to the manga though), it really was a good show. If anyone discarded the show based on prejudice alone, I definitely recommend taking a second look. I was certainly hooked on the comedy and interactions between characters by the end of the second episode.

Anyway this is the end of the post. Let me know in the comments which shows you enjoyed from the season. And if you want to know what I thought of any other shows just ask me (I watch most shows from each season) either in the comments or on my

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