Visual Novel: Sengoku † Koihime X


If you ever read the English release of Koihime † Musou (or any of the other visual novels in the series) then you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Sengoku † Koihime.

Sengoku Koihime starts off with the protagonist, Nitta Kensuke finding himself sent back in time to the Sengoku period except all the famous historical figures are girls. Just like in Koihime Musou, he doesn’t waste any time trying to figure out a way back to his previous world and instead accepts the situation and makes the best of his new life.

The first thing that happens to Kensuke after he wakes up in the Sengoku period is that he ends up becoming Oda Saburou Kuon Nobunaga’s second marriage partner in a political marriage. Despite initially stating he had no interest in wars he soon ends up in command of some of Kuon’s troops to help her unite Hinomoto (Japan) to be able to eliminate the threat of the oni which have recently started terrorising the country.

(The interesting part is that Kensuke was brought up by Kazuto (the protagonist of Koihime Musou) and all of his wives so he actually has a decent amount of skill in combat as well as having good knowledge of strategy so he is actually useful (unlike Kazuto who despite knowing kendo was weaker than every other character in Koihime Musou).

Overall impressions:

So basically exactly the same as Koihime Musou. The main draw for me is the huge amount of heroines (over 50), obviously this comes with the downside of having the main plot drawn out much longer because it has to keep finding time for slice-of-life events for the main character to spending time with all the different heroines. (Although in this case the game does quite a good job of balancing everything out.)

The biggest things worth mentioning are that in comparison to Koihime Musou the art and music in Sengoku Koihime is much higher quality. It also is good that it doesn’t have any of those pointless mini-games during battles so battles are actually part of the written scenario and are way more interesting.

Honestly I think it would be pretty cool if Mangagamer ended up licensing this. In any case I think it is more interesting than the average chara-ge which seem to sell well (it fits the same role basically anyway). And although it references Koihime Musou it is completely a stand-alone game so people wouldn’t need to feel forced to read that first. People interested in the 18+ content should be happy with the high amount of scenes and high quality art. But more importantly it would be very easy to put an all-ages version on steam (which personally I think would sell quite well). Unfortunately I doubt any translator would really want to work on it mainly due to its sheer length.


  • High quality art.
  • Large cast of characters.
  • No boring mini-games so the combat is actually more of a focus as well as more interesting.
  • Balances slice-of-life and main plot progression decently.
  • Decent and fitting music/ost.


  • The story itself is only average.
  • The protagonist’s personality is slightly irritating sometimes (he is still much better than most protagonists though).


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  1. You read this in Japanese? That’s awesome ^_^ My own Japanese reading has stalled big time but i’m hoping to get back to it.

    I remember finding Koihime Musou to be just okay. It was cool seeing my favorite Dynasty Warriors characters gender swapped but otherwise didn’t get much out of it and, as you say, the mini games were pretty terrible.

    If this was translated I might give it a go.


    • Yeah most of my visual novel reading recently has been in Japanese. I still have a few vns I am planning to read in English but progress on that got stalled because the current stuff I’m meant to be reading in English got really boring and I can never bring myself to finish the last few routes.

      But yeah Sengoku Koihime was decent for something light to read (except for maybe it being a huge time commitment because its so long). Imo anyone who didn’t mind Koihime Musou would like it since its pretty much exactly the same thing except literally everything is improved.

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