Visual Novel: Akatsuki no Goei


Akatsuki no Goei is set in near future Japan in a world which is dangerous enough to warrant having a prestigious school exclusively for training bodyguards.

The school is essentially an all-girls school with all the female students being from rich and influential families. All the male students at the school study separately from the girls with additional training for becoming a bodyguard until they are second-years, (assuming they don’t drop out by then) at which point they get appointed a principle (one of the female students) to guard and attend school with.

Asagiri Kaito attends the school as a trainee bodyguard, and despite being almost the lowest ranked bodyguard out of his classmates he ends up [unwillingly] becoming the bodygaurd of Nikaidou Reika, who should have been able to have the highest ranked bodyguard to guard her.

Akatsuki no Goei doesn’t really have much of an actual plot driven story (that happens in the sequel). It mainly is just a comedy within the setting, with the character routes being mainly Kaito spending time with the heroines.

Something I found funny was the endings. Kinugasa Shougo either can’t write endings or just doesn’t care since basically all the routes end basically whenever he feels like it without really resolving anything. For example, in Tae’s and Moe’s routes sneaking in to see Reika’s pet cheetahs or visiting the 禁止区域 are just used as excuses to have Kaito spend time with Tae and Moe respectively, but despite being important early on in the route, they end up getting ignored and never resolved. A better example (since it’s specifically about the ending rather than the route structure) would be Tae’s ending, it ends with Tae gaining the resolve to solve a problem instead of the problem actually being resolved.

None of that ends up mattering overall though, the main enjoyment of reading Akatsuki no Goei is the character interactions so the endings don’t end up mattering much overall (especially since it’s not plot based). In my case, reading all three games was really enjoyable and I don’t think I was bored for any of it.

Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~

The fandisc for Akatsuki no Goei is essentially the same as the original game (which is why I’m including it here instead of making a new post for it). There are after stories for all the heroines as well as including a short route for a new character.

The most important part of the fandisc is Anzu’s route, which is unlocked after reading everything else. It is Kaito’s backstory, giving the context to how he became who he is. In any case, it is nice information to know as extra information about Kaito, but more importantly it’s really important to prepare the reader for the sequel.

Overall impressions:

Basically a really enjoyable read. I always like reading visual novels with main characters like Kaito (other examples being Yuuji from Grisaia or any of Looseboy’s protagonists) where the protagonist has a past in which he was really strong or successful but now lives a relatively normal life.

I was impressed on how well the world was created in such a believable and interesting way. The character interactions and comedy are great. Honestly it’s a fun read and is something I would probably have as a general recommendation to anyone who likes visual novels. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that it will even be fully translated into English so only people who can read Japanese will be able to enjoy it.


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