So this blog still exists – End of hiatus…

Not that I expect anyone to remember me or this blog, but I’ve decided to start up blogging again.

Why?  Well basically decided I wanted to do a university course, but that didn’t really work out.  (Which makes sense since I can’t even begin to imagine what career I would want to pursue with a degree.)
Anyway.  Now I have all that time I was planning on using for studying and classes.  So I was thinking about what I could do with that time and I remembered this blog and thought to myself, Why don’t I try blogging again?

Schedule and plans for the blog
I want to at least write a post once every 2 weeks. Depending on interest or how smoothly this goes I might reduce that but we will see.

I’m coming into this with a different mindset than last time so the blog will probably feel different than it was before.  Instead of specifically writing for an audience I’ll be writing mainly for myself.  I plan on writing about whatever media piece I’ve been enjoying recently, and if anyone enjoys what I write about then that’s great.

What I’m currently reading/watching
I’m currently reading through Kara no Kyoukai at the moment.  I have a large novel backlog, but luckily I have only been buying novels I know I will really like so whenever I do get around to reading it is very enjoyable.

As for anime unfortunately I am a bit behind.  Currently I have yet to watch a single show yet which aired this year.  I do plan to start soon however since things seem to be slowing down for me at the moment.


Anyway, now that this post is published I can’t change my mind anymore.  I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a real post so look forward(?) to that.

About FabledHunter

Novice Anime Blogger.

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