various impressions – 01


I didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to write about this week either so I’ll just share some of my thoughts about what I’ve been watching/reading recently

Made in Abyss (manga)
I read a few volumes this morning and am now further than where the anime got up to.
Basically this series is about a mysterious abyss which has been the target of exploration and treasure hunting for hundreds of years. It is a dark series both in themes and artstyle. The worldbuilding itself is very detailed at times, between chapters often there are infodumps and sketches to give more information to readers that want it.
Unfortunately I don’t think the manga format can really portray fully the potential the abyss concept has. It certainly does a good job, but comparing to the anime it is easy to see that anime is better suited as a medium for the content. Having the soundtrack really enhances the atmosphere, and to be honest its hard to portray an area as massive as the abyss while still telling a story focused on individual characters in manga format–the anime has much more leniency in that regard.
The manga is still an impressive work though, the detailed abyss and sketches really bring the world to live for the reader. Unfortunately the detail in the backgrounds does drop after the first few volumes, but I can’t really complain, after all keeping up with a serialised manga is a massive workload.

Darling in the FranXX (anime)
I had this show on hold for a long time, but I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it. 
I usually like the shows Trigger makes, but there was a reason I stopped watching it originally. In this case it wasn’t really for me. I liked a few of the characters, but the setting itself was uninteresting. I’ve never liked shows where the enemies/monsters are giants. If the story itself is still good its fine but in this case the plot sortof goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time, then ends with a series of cliche deus ex machina developments.

Fate/Extra (game)
So I’ve recently been playing/reading through all of Type-Moons stuff. Last month I finished off rereading Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and I’ve basically finished reading Kara no Kyoukai. And this week I started playing through the original Fate/Extra.
I’m not that far in, but it is interesting enough. The rpg combat is pretty dated and boring but I never expected much from a psp game anyway. The story itself is hard to comment on so far. It’s completely different from the anime, but I already knew that going in.
Honestly I don’t really have high expectations so if it surprises me, well that’s great. The sequel is supposed to be the good one so that’s what I’ll be looking forward to.

Anyway this isn’t a very good post. I probably should have written about more different shows, and what I did write about was mainly just complaints. Oh well, I’m still testing stuff out, maybe next time will be better.


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