various impressions – 02

Apparently recently I’ve finished mainly anime which I ended up being disappointed with so I don’t really have anything I want to write about them. So I’ll only write about the ones I have something to say about, I guess I’m probably just writing for the sake of writing because it’s time for my biweekly post, but that’s fine too, the main thing I think is getting back into the habit.
Mahoutsukai no Yome (anime)
I finally got around to finishing watching this. (Been doing this with a lot of shows recently since I’ve been mainly working through my backlog in my anime watching.
Anyway originally I had almost no interest in this because a long time ago I randomly picked up one of the manga volumes and found it to be quite boring. I’m pretty picky with what manga I spend time reading so it probably isn’t as bad as I remember but anyway, when the ova episodes came out I was surprised that I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the show, so for me it works much better in anime format than manga.
And overall I think I enjoyed the main show quite a lot. The main character in my opinion is likable. And relatable, not experience-wise,  but the way she thinks. The other characters were hit and miss though. I had the same problem I have with other shoujo manga where the characters esp the male ones just don’t work for me personality-wise or design-wise (or both). Which makes sense since I’m not really the target audience.
Because of the manga format the story doesn’t necessarily have consistent pacing, a bit of filler-ish episodes here and there. That’s fine though since it is an atmospheric show. The final episode had a really nice conclusion scene where they basically reconfirm their feelings about the whole marriage thing in their own special way.
Anyway it was a good watch. I doubt I’ll even try reading the manga again but I will be looking forward to a second season if it ever gets made.

Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou (anime) – spoilers
I liked this and the original because of the portrayal of ninja characters in a way I feel makes more sense. Sure the more comedic or shounen-manga-style shows are fine too, but a more darker approach isn’t really shown often so having a show like this is good.
Overall however I think it didn’t work out very well. The original had its flaws as well (although for different reasons) but Ouka Ninpouchou didn’t quite live up to the original in my opinion.
There are a lot of characters which is can be difficult to pull off. It started off with a great premise, so going up to the time skip was fine. After the time skip though I think it started going downhill. After it got through showing how all the characters had changed including their abilities, ninjutsu or whatever, we are basically at the final arc, which to be honest was a bit disappointing. When you have so much characters in manga and the plot has them all split up to fight different enemies pacing can get a bit messed up which is unfortunate, but the main issue I think is that it tried to pull off the same type of ending as the original.
Unfortunately pulling off an ending where all the characters, or all except 1 or 2 can be really hard do. And in this case it doesn’t work. Sure the characters were sortof likable, but I don’t really think there was really enough time to really expand on any of them, so when an ending like this happens sure there is a moment which was obviously what was being worked towards and was cool but it lacked nuance which made it feel incomplete.

Fate/Extra (game) – continued
In my last impressions post I had only just started this so I figured I should write more about it now that I’ve finished a playthrough of it. I will eventually do at least two more playthroughs for archer and caster but the story should still be identical I think besides master/servant interactions.
Anyway like I said last time the gameplay is repetitive and boring, and also has rng involved so if you mess up and die and have to restart the whole dungeon it is incredibly annoying. (It probably would help if I didn’t put literally every skill point into the attack stat though.)
The story I guess is the most important part. But to be honest it’s a bit bland. The idea is a nice spin on the original, but the repetitive format doesn’t leave much room to do much more. Now that I’m finished reading it though, I can see how it fits in with the anime, and the anime really did do a good job. It enhances everything about the game and makes it work perfectly for a different format, as its same, yet slightly different way.
Overall it was pretty fun though, besides having to reload after dying. I’ll play the remake when it comes out, and the actual good one is meant to be the sequel so that’s the one I’ll be hoping for a actual good story from.

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