Goals for 2021

Not a very interesting post but I’ll write a bit about what I want to do this year.

There is always a lot of stuff I want to get done. Catch up on anime backlog, read manga more often, find more time to play console games, etc. Now none of those really mean much. Sure it’s nice to be caught up in anime (and this year I might actually get caught up if I’m lucky), but in reality I’ll just consume whatever media I feel like at the time.

Anyway on to my actual goals. First of all, recently it got announced that the Tsukihime remake actually exists. (click link for official youtube video) So obviously I want to read this but the problem is, I still have a heap of unread type-moon stuff. So I guess I’ll try and read most of them before Tsukihime comes out. I may write a post about some of them if I feel like it but most likely I’ll wait until I’ve finished everything and do a combined post.

Next is blog related stuff. Unfortunately since I came back to blogging a few months ago I haven’t really written much of the type of posts I would like to. Well I know the main reason why that is so I can work on that but it certainly doesn’t help that most of the anime I’ve been watching is backlog stuff which went to backlog because I was stalling watching it so there hasn’t really been anything great that would make a good post.
So for my actual blogging goal I plan to keep this blog going until at least next year. Should be easy enough and hopefully while doing that I improve the content of my posts.

And finally I guess I want to be more discerning about the media I consume. I have a bad habit of watching/reading way more stuff than I should and I really need to work on making sure it is something I actually want to spend time doing.

I can’t really think of anything else so I guess that’s it for goals. Anyway, I hope everyone stays safe and has a better year than last year.

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