Mobseka 10 – No rest for Leon

Apparently due to the aftermath of Leon’s recent accomplishments, some of the girls are starting to be interested in him his social standing.

I don’t blame him for complaining, but I also don’t feel sorry for him because of his recent treatment of Olivia and Angelica.

So yeah. As expected, Leon still hasn’t made up with them so Olivia is currently still feeling down about that.

Despite that, all three of them find themselves visiting an enmusubi shrine together.

Fancy design for the miko here. Somehow I doubt she will be a reoccurring character though so this is probably the only time we will see her.

Talismans or something.

This is the main reason Leon came to the shrine in the first place, and as always his luck is great because of course he gets the only one of the three useful for him.

I guess this new character will be relevant soon?

Alarm bells sound and an attack of whatever these things are starts.

Yep this character is now relevant, as she is the one leading the attack.

With no way of defending the attack this guy is free to land on deck and start giving orders on how the prisoners will be treated.

Angelica stands up and demands that she will go willingly as a hostage if everyone else is freed.

Leon also speaks out, but in his case it is probably more that he can’t keep his mouth shut.

Leon locked up.

Light Blue suggests to Leon that they team up to buy time for everyone to have a chance to escape.

Leon is typical Leon and straight away refuses, but states that he will only help if everyone is involved as he doesn’t want to assist people who sit and do nothing.

Light Blue’s attempt at talking the masses into fighting for freedom fails.

Leon then jumps in to quiet everyone down by firing a gunshot.

Yet another new character shows up.

Leon’s succeeds where Light Blue couldn’t. His method is in typical Leon fashion, he simply mocks them all into participating.

Episode ends with this flute being played as a teaser to what happens next. It seems the flute either controls the invading monsters or makes them stronger. (Or both.) In any case I’m sure I’ll find out in the next episode.


Title: 乙女ゲー世界はモブに厳しい世界です | Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu
Aliases: モブせか | Mobseka | Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs | Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu
Source: Web novel/Light novel | Studio: ENGI

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