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various impressions – 02

Apparently recently I’ve finished mainly anime which I ended up being disappointed with so I don’t really have anything I want to write about them. So I’ll only write about the ones I have something to say about, I guess I’m probably just writing for the sake of writing because it’s time for my biweekly post, but that’s fine too, the main thing I think is getting back into the habit.
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Appeal of Hobbies in Anime

Since they have specifically gone out of their way to chase up media from a different language/culture, anyone who watches anime or interacts with any Japanese media will probably consider it a hobby. 
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various impressions – 01


I didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to write about this week either so I’ll just share some of my thoughts about what I’ve been watching/reading recently

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Re:Zero post


I mentioned previously the I wanted to write about Re Zero, but I never could decide on exactly what I wanted to write about. I considered talking about why I liked the show, waiting until it finished airing to write a review, and even whether I should try writing a fanfiction about it. In the end I decided to just use this post as an excuse to talk about the show.

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Winter 2016 Anime


So I’ve slowly been catching up on anime and now that I’ve finished watching most of the shows from winter 2016 I figured I should probably write something about them. It will give me something anime-related to write about before I get to my Re:Zero post anyway.

I watched most shows, but I’ll only talk about a few that I feel like writing about. Not sure if anyone cares about shows from 2 seasons ago anymore, but maybe I’ll be able to get people interested in something that went under their radar.

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Summer 2015: End of season impressions

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