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Re:Zero post


I mentioned previously the I wanted to write about Re Zero, but I never could decide on exactly what I wanted to write about. I considered talking about why I liked the show, waiting until it finished airing to write a review, and even whether I should try writing a fanfiction about it. In the end I decided to just use this post as an excuse to talk about the show.

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Winter 2016 Anime


So I’ve slowly been catching up on anime and now that I’ve finished watching most of the shows from winter 2016 I figured I should probably write something about them. It will give me something anime-related to write about before I get to my Re:Zero post anyway.

I watched most shows, but I’ll only talk about a few that I feel like writing about. Not sure if anyone cares about shows from 2 seasons ago anymore, but maybe I’ll be able to get people interested in something that went under their radar.

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Summer 2015: End of season impressions

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Assorted Anime Reviews


So I ended up finishing quite a few anime series while I’ve been inactive on my blog over the last few weeks so I decided I’d share my thoughts on some of them.

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Basic Questions for any Anime Fan – The Inspector Green Tag


So I’ve been tagged by Namhur over at Fiction Realm to complete this Inspector Green Tag questionnaire along with ZeroReq011 and iblessall. Since I only started blogging about a month ago, I haven’t had the chance to be involved with anything like this before. I like answering questions so I’m not opposed to doing this sort of thing. (I’m always willing to answer questions on my ask as well.) Thank you to Namhur for tagging me, you can see his answers here.

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Top 10 Anime of 2014

Decided to make a best of 2014 post since I didn’t do one. Also the post I’ve been meaning to finish is far from being ready. I decided to include any shows that finished airing in 2014. I just wrote a short paragraph on each show so don’t expect too much, it’s basically just a ranking list and nothing much else.

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