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Mobseka – Final impressions

Watching Mobseka over the last few months and writing blog posts for every episode has been an interesting experience.

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Mobseka 12 – Complete victory + rematch duel

It is the final episode of this show and it is now time for Leon to face off against this guy.

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Mobseka 11 – Awakened powers and resolved conflict

Olivia asks Leon to go rescue Angelica.

He was already going to do just that as she well knew so it was more emphasising her trusting him with the task as it is something she can’t really do anything to help with.

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Mobseka 10 – No rest for Leon

Apparently due to the aftermath of Leon’s recent accomplishments, some of the girls are starting to be interested in him his social standing.

I don’t blame him for complaining, but I also don’t feel sorry for him because of his recent treatment of Olivia and Angelica.

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Mobseka 09 – Reward(s)

Purple enters the scene when Leon is reflecting about his last conversation with Olivia.

Marie’s harem members are pretty silly, but they do seem to be becoming more and more relevant, so maybe eventually they will be fleshed out enough to be likable.

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Mobseka 08 – More Conflict

Carla is going to be the focus for this episode it seems. Over the last few episodes she’s kept on briefly appearing with hints that she will need Leon’s help for something soon, so with all that surely she will be a relevant recurring character from now on.

Whether or not that is a good thing I don’t know yet, but by the end of this episode maybe I will have a better idea.

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