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Visual Novel: Kiss the Demiurge

So just a few things before i get started.

First I’d like the thank the developers for sending me a free copy of this vn.

Now I’m usually not interested in reading non-Japanese vns. In fact this is the first one I’ve read since Katawa Shoujo. So yeah, just keep in mind while reading this review that my perspective is as someone who mainly reads Japanese visual novels.

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various impressions – 02

Apparently recently I’ve finished mainly anime which I ended up being disappointed with so I don’t really have anything I want to write about them. So I’ll only write about the ones I have something to say about, I guess I’m probably just writing for the sake of writing because it’s time for my biweekly post, but that’s fine too, the main thing I think is getting back into the habit.
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various impressions – 01


I didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to write about this week either so I’ll just share some of my thoughts about what I’ve been watching/reading recently

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Visual Novel: Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen + Futari no Hakuoro


I actually wanted to write something about this back when I finished Itsuwari no Kamen back in January, but kept on putting it off. And now that I’ve finished Futari no Hakuoro I figured I need to write a post about it now or I’ll keep on putting it off forever.

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Visual Novel: Steins;Gate 0


So the main reason that I chose to read this is so I could finish reading it before the English translation comes out in a few days (and also because I like the franchise). Also possible spoilers for people who don’t know what happens in the original Steins;Gate (not that anyone hasn’t seen Steins;Gate anyway but just in case).

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Visual Novel: Chaos;Child


Chaos;Child is the sequel to Chaos;Head, with the story dealing with the aftermath of the events in Chaos;Head. It is also part of the SciADV series just like Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes.

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