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What makes a good protagonist


So its been 2 weeks which makes it time for me to write a blog post. According to what I planned, I would have written a post on whatever anime/book/etc. I’d recently finished.
Unfortunately none of them were impressive enough for me to feel like writing about them right now so I had to think of something else to make a post about.

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Visual novel review: Fate/hollow ataraxia


I was always planning to try doing visual novel reviews on my blog. I figured Fate/hollow ataraxia would be a good title to start with considering I only finished it recently, and it helped me come up with the name of my blog in the first place. Anyone who has been reading my blog may have noticed that my anime reviews haven’t really been that great, but part of the reason for me to start blogging in the first place was to improve my writing so hopefully there will be some noticeable improvement soon. I tried to keep this review free of spoilers as much as possible, so feel free to read without worrying about spoilers.

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