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Winter 2016 Anime


So I’ve slowly been catching up on anime and now that I’ve finished watching most of the shows from winter 2016 I figured I should probably write something about them. It will give me something anime-related to write about before I get to my Re:Zero post anyway.

I watched most shows, but I’ll only talk about a few that I feel like writing about. Not sure if anyone cares about shows from 2 seasons ago anymore, but maybe I’ll be able to get people interested in something that went under their radar.

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Visual novel review: Cross†Channel


Time for another visual novel review. I honestly should have written this post a while ago since I finished the game over a month ago. I’ve decided I am going to write a post whenever I complete a visual novel to share my thoughts on it. The idea being that hopefully people will end up trying a visual novel because of one of my reviews, and if they find something they really enjoy because of that, then I’d be pretty happy about that.

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