Goals for 2021

Not a very interesting post but I’ll write a bit about what I want to do this year.

There is always a lot of stuff I want to get done. Catch up on anime backlog, read manga more often, find more time to play console games, etc. Now none of those really mean much. Sure it’s nice to be caught up in anime (and this year I might actually get caught up if I’m lucky), but in reality I’ll just consume whatever media I feel like at the time.
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various impressions – 02

Apparently recently I’ve finished mainly anime which I ended up being disappointed with so I don’t really have anything I want to write about them. So I’ll only write about the ones I have something to say about, I guess I’m probably just writing for the sake of writing because it’s time for my biweekly post, but that’s fine too, the main thing I think is getting back into the habit.
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Appeal of Hobbies in Anime

Since they have specifically gone out of their way to chase up media from a different language/culture, anyone who watches anime or interacts with any Japanese media will probably consider it a hobby. 
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various impressions – 01


I didn’t really have anything specific I wanted to write about this week either so I’ll just share some of my thoughts about what I’ve been watching/reading recently

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What makes a good protagonist


So its been 2 weeks which makes it time for me to write a blog post. According to what I planned, I would have written a post on whatever anime/book/etc. I’d recently finished.
Unfortunately none of them were impressive enough for me to feel like writing about them right now so I had to think of something else to make a post about.

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So this blog still exists – End of hiatus…

Not that I expect anyone to remember me or this blog, but I’ve decided to start up blogging again.
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